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Why HD0 In South Woodford Has Become The Party Place

With a special look at women in business this month, here Haifa Live picks out one local entrepreneur with quite a story in South Woodford

Entertainment venues, clubs and public houses are often run and owned by men, but one brilliant local venue that many of you will either have heard of or been to, HD0, is run by homegrown beauty Danni Park Dempsey.

HD0 in South Woodford

Dempsey was told she would not amount to much, suffering in silence at school having undiagnosed severe dyslexia, ADHD and dyspraxia, and she faced abuse from teachers and students alike. She still pushed herself, though, not allowing this to dissuade her dreams of success and attended Epping Forest College, explaining her struggles which led to her diagnosis and help to manage her disorders. Dempsey went on to work in the city, her infectious personality and smile got her far, however she struggled in the office environment. Off she went to live a young girl’s dream working in Ibiza, before returning home to work in all the popular haunts such as NuBar, Manor House and The Kings Oak. Dempsey even went on to appear in TOWIE for two years.

In September 2013 Dempsey opened HD0, named after the French word “Hors-d’œuvre” which in French literally means “outside the work”, or “not part of the ordinary set of courses in a meal”. Serving small plates and nibbles was a challenge and HD0 faced closure, however in a stroke of luck a client approached Dempsey to hire her venue privately, something she had never done. Following the success of the event word of mouth spread like wildfire, as it always does in Essex, and soon she was hosting celebrities such David Beckham to TOWIE stars: HD0 was firmly on the map as the place to have your event or celebration.

We know the perfect place for a baby shower

HD0 lounge welcomes all parties from baby-showers to engagements, corporate celebrations to birthdays. No event is too much trouble, they even have a soft play area for client’s family parties. Dempsey is extremely hands on, helping with party planning and every detail to make sure each event is a success. It is obvious she loves the business, but is not finished yet. She is studying to be a therapist and is also juggling business with motherhood raising her young daughter. Visit @hdolounge to find out more.

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