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Interview With Instagram Star Romana Bright

It’s been an exciting 12 months for Epping local Romana Bright, but it feels like just the start for the Instagram star

As a new year beckons, it’s always the ideal time for journalists like me to look at the potential breakout stars for the 12 months to follow – and Romana Bright is surely one of those. Instagram lovers will already know her (at the time of writing she has 108k followers and that’s growing at a rapid rate) and she has to be pretty special to stand out amongst the noise on the platform, but perhaps she has the right kind of grounding to flourish even further.

Take growing up with a sister who became one of the hottest names in the gossip columns thanks to TOWIE. “Honestly, I was oblivious,” she says about when Lydia Bright became one of the stand out stars of the reality TV show. “Lydia joined TOWIE when I was seven-years-old, so I looked at it as if that was my normality. I struggled with bullying during high school though and her name was continuously brought up, it almost made me put a barrier against anything to do with her name. I’ve learnt to celebrate it though. It has brought me incredible opportunities that I am truly thankful for.”

Romana Bright modelling for George at Asda
Romana Bright modelling for George at Asda

Bright is an open and warm interviewee, despite the fact that we are only talking thanks to Covid affecting travel plans over the festive period. “I was planning on travelling around Thailand with my best friend for the whole of December, but my backpacking dreams are postponed for now,” she laments, before adding and exemplifying a glass half full approach to life: “Instead I will be cosying up this winter and watching The Holiday a hundred times over. I guess in a way I was a little relieved because I cannot imagine spending Christmas away from my family.”

She also deserves a little time off after a busy, but strange 2021. “It has been possibly the most confusing year,” she says. “Turning 18 in a global pandemic is a little overwhelming, but I focused my time and energy on work. It has truly paid off and I’ve accomplished goals I thought were unreachable. I got to become the face of the George Asda womenswear collection, shot in Boux Avenue campaigns and was even invited to the NTAs (National TV Awards). I feel beyond blessed, I almost cry every time I think back to these experiences.”

Despite some of the negative aspects of growing up with a famous sibling, it’s clear Bright has taken to being in the spotlight herself like a duck to water. “I’m a born Leo, so I think I was ready for the cameras as soon as I popped out,” she laughs. “I still get nervous on photoshoots, but I think photography is an expression of your true self, so I absolutely love it.” And the fame game? “I received so much love and support from my followers, we’re like a family. Of course, I get my fair share of haters, but I’ve grown to always look at the positives.”

An old head on young shoulders, perhaps, but her burning ambition is starkly evident. “I want to continue to grow,” she says on the future. “I adore my job and always want to put 100% effort in. As of now, I don’t have a plan for 2022, I really live my life one day at a time. It would be an absolute dream to see myself in stores. Imagine walking out and passing yourself!?” Romana Bright best prepare herself to be surprised.

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