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How To Bring Out The Entrepreneurial Spirit In Children

Hayley Smith, a Buckhurst Hill-based mother of three and founder of Campioni Soccer Academy, offers up a unique insight into family life in West Essex

At this stage of my life, my priority is raising well mannered, balanced children – in Jordan Peterson’s 12 Rules of Life book, Rule 5 is entitled “Do Not Let Your Children Do Anything That Makes You Dislike Them.” The ultimate point of this chapter is that we, as parents, have a responsibility to teach our child the rules of society, and helping your children become well-liked, functioning members of society is a key part of success, if we don’t, society will, in a much meaner way! This book is a must read for anyone (not just parents) at any stage of their life

Hayley Smith
Hayley Smith will be offering insights into family life

Raising entrepreneurial kids

For as long as I can remember, I’ve had an entrepreneurial spirit inside me. I remember sitting in my room making a list of ways I could make money on my own. Whatever job I undertake, I work tirelessly (in a slightly maverick style) to do the best I can, whether as an employee, freelancer or running my own business, I apply the same amount of passion and care. I explain and involve my children with projects in the hope that they too will grow up to have a good understanding of business, a high work ethic and most importantly to recognise and seek opportunity. Without being a pushy parent, I think it is important to give them a solid foundation and confidence to do anything they put their mind to. When my middle daughter asked to set up an Instagram page @savetheplanetwithjosie – to highlight and to educate her friends on what is happening to our planet – I couldn’t have been prouder.

Getting married (after having children)

For many people having a child is the ultimate commitment to a partner. A life you have created together and are responsible for raising. It’s a commitment many people make without getting married. Even though we are “as good as married” in everyone’s eyes, as our children are growing up – call us traditionalists – we simply think it is important for them to have parents that are married… So, as I write this, in true Hayley “impulsive fashion”, I am planning an intimate wedding in just four weeks – and it’s lovely being able to involve the children.

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